Gateway Infrastructure

Our gateway infrastructure not only do the basic work of collecting data from the sensors but a smart automation engine takes local decision for automation between sensors and devices.

Electronics Raspberry Pi Pi Computer Technology

Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry-Pi device, acting as a gateway is connected to a Controller node that is a bridge between sensors and the internet. Automation engines feed on local situations and execute standardized commands. Support for varying needs of communication networks is offered depending upon business demand. They are

  • WiFi.
  • Z-wave.
  • Lora.
  • Zigbee.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE).

Communication Protocols

We have MQTT, CoAP, Proprietary – TCP/IP, Google Weave protocols in place that are boosted by the Cloud server and the security between the IoT gateway and Cloud is highly enhanced by:-

The gateway exhibits special features such as

  • Making data accessible from any cloud application

  • Buffering data when connected to the customers is down

  • User configurable

  • Rollover buffer that starts overwriting when buffers are full

  • Maintains critical messages like faults/errors

The application has been built through the Open source and supports the multitude of hardware platforms are Raspberry Pi, ODroid, Intel Edison, Dragon Board


MQTT broker

A highly scalable solution is delivered through the usage of MQTT brokers that avoids dependencies between data producers and data consumers. Any client can subscribe to a certain topic for information but no two client needs to know each other for subscribing. Our open platform software library enable customer to integrate into their mobile application or IOT Gateway