Mobile & Enterprise Application

Wavenet is also developing a platform for creating Mobile applications Software that would interact with objects that can connect to the internet. These applications can be launched from popular play stores offered by Android , iOS etc. The platform would support live coding visible on the mobile phone.

Mobile Application Software
  • A mobile application that runs on smart phones and is easy-launched. It interacts with sensors & communicates with both smart and legacy things irrespective of technology used.
  • The frame allows multiple configuration from the consumer’s side
  • Consumer services are offered in real time
  • Implementation of module are interoperable among each other
  • The module tells the consumers about discovery of things and their capabilities
  • The framework allows consumers to subscribe to events that they desire

The platform would offer the advantage of using known languages for  Mobile Software Development application coding and also links to built in support and libraries for common IoT technologies such as

  • Networking, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Hardware such as Arduino, iBeacons, Eddystone
  • Ready -made example Applications for IOT to use as template
  • Mobile Automation Testing Tools
Mobile Software Development Mobile Automation Testing Tools