Network & Engineering

Network and Engineering Services is core of our business, where we develop products for our customers on network infrastructure nodes, provide bespoke solutions on Communication Networks and build solutions on network by Network Infrastructure Testing  and subscriber analytics.

Lte 4g Technology

Small Cell Software Development and Integration Service

WaveNet team offers various services for building  Lte 4g Technology and 3G and 5g based Small Cell solutions on different hardware boards like Intel-Mindspeed Small Cell Platform, Qualcomm FSM Platform, Octastic Platform. WaveNet team has expertise in software development in Small Cell with OEMs for Telecom Operator as well as building bespoke solutions using these hardware and software components in different market place apart from Subscriber Analytic, Network Analytic, Surveillance Application, Tactical Communication, Network Testing Tools, Mobile Device Test Tool Development.

Our expertise lies in core protocol stack development for LTE and 3G (RRC , S1AP , RANAP, PDCP , RLC , MAC , ESM , SM , GMM , Open IMS) as well as integrate the 3rd party protocol stack on target platform like Intel, Qualcomm , Broadcom. Our experience includes development of small cell software functionality self-organized and self-optimized software, ACS server via on TR-069 protocol, Network Scan and Radio Resource Manager for heterogeneous network in conjunction with WiFi network.


WaveNet team has been working with its customers in building bespoke solutions for in-build infrastructure, Tactical communication for paramilitary forces, Emergency and Disaster communication Network Infrastructure, LTE Test tool infrastructure- RF Conformance and Mobile Device Application Test, Security and Surveillance Monitoring System .


Cloud RAN and Network Function Virtualization

WaveNet team has prior experience and expertise in providing solutions to modem chipset vendor for Cloud RAN chips that can integrate with General purpose processor that execute the LTE eNodeB Layer 2. Our team has virtualized the telecom infrastructure like Small Cell Gateway, SGW, PGW and MME network infrastructure nodes on Virtualized environments.

Our team has experience in building the Network Infrastructure using the Open Stack NVF, Open IMS Core network nodes  to support VOLTE and VoWIFi and Inter-operability with AT&T , Verizon, T-Mobile Devices.