Sensor Hardware & Software Platform

A wide variety of sensors that detect Light, Humidity, Temperature Air motion, proximity and Soil nutrients are in ready to use shape. The sensor software platform supports a Mesh network with a RIOT or Zigbee stack.

Industry Industry 4 Finger Hand Points Network


A self-organizing & scalable Mesh network of sensors that communicate without relying on PCs or dedicated hub service.

  • Eliminates the need for complete coverage by base stations

  • Offers resilience in form of path redundancy and diversity

  • Stronger protection against network failure

Wavenet is on the way of developing a heterogenous mesh protocols and nodes to form a unified mesh system that supports varieties of User scenarios

Different hardware platforms supported are:

    • Arduino (Atmega) – With LORA and SIM800

    • ESP8266 (WiFi)

    • JN5168 (Zigbee)

    • ARM Cortex

      • M0 – nRF52122 (BLE) and STM32F0Discovery

      • M3 – STM32F3Discovery

      • M4 – STM32F4Discovery

Sensor data and positioning is tracked using GPS and audio and video are captured through the camera in case of motion sensors. Depending on the proximity of the sensors and power requirement of the network, communication over WiFi, over GPRS or using infrared for remote control in done.

Operating systems

Supports prominent and Open – source operating systems such as RIOT, Contiki and uWeave.

A highly portable, multi-tasking operating system that supports micro controllers with as low as 2 kb of RAM, Contiki can be used for a wide range of purposes from intrusion detection to wild-life monitoring.

RIOT is based on a microkernel and is designed for hardware independent development.

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