Test & Validation

Testing Services includes manual and automated testing for Conformance, Protocol and IOT devices. WaveNet has ready to use SimplifyI&V framework for Small Cell and Core Network Infrastructure Test Verification.


Wavenet offers compressive testing services for mobile devices, network infrastructure, IOT ,and application server. The compressive test services includes

  • Integration Testing
  • End-to-End System Testing
  • Inter-operability Testing
  • Compliance, Benchmarking and Conformance Testing
  • Drive Test and Network Benchmarking Services

Wavenet work with test tools vendor and partner as well as in-house automation tools to offer compressive test services to OEM and Teleco Operator.

Test Automation Framework

Wavenet Solutions provide the test automation framework for Small Cell Test and Core Network Infrastructure testing. This is complete automation framework that use for end-to-end system testing and verification of telecom infrastructure node. The system under test are small cell , EPC core and mobile devices. This tools has been used by small cell vendor for functional, performance and stability testing.

The predefine test script for modem controller, diagnostics data collection from modem devices , controlling RF attenuator and signal generator, application server (FTP , HTTPS , Video Server, Application Protocol like MQTT , AMQ)

Along with Test Automation Framework, we also provide basic set of communication libraries for configuration of device under test. This framework include complete verification engine, test result.

Along with integration with Jenkins Build environment and test result and log reporting